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<p><strong>QPR Gatekeeper Instructor Certification Training - International Version</strong></p>

QPR Gatekeeper Instructor Certification Training - International Version

This online instructor training program is available only to purchasers living outside of the United States and Canada. Pricing is adjusted by World Bank Zones, costing much less in some countries.


• The Certified QPR Instructor training program is available online only to non-US-based international customers.

• Because printing and shipping fees from the US to other countries are prohibitive for a public health training program, a nominal royalty fee to replicate and distribute required print materials for those trained in QPR (the booklet and card) is charged at the time of the certification training. These materials may be resold and it is hoped Certified QPR Instructors can cover their costs or, perhaps, make some profit. While our mission is not to create new jobs, many Certified QPR Instructors in the US are able to contract their QPR training to organizations and turn a profit.

Should the applicant continue to be licensed, a second fee is charged for unlimited printing every three years.

Pricing for this license to print is adjusted to World Bank development zones. For example, print materials in India are at least 1/2 the cost of similar materials in America.

How to purchase the course:

  • Select the amount of trainings you'd like to purchase by entering a number in the QTY field.
  • Select your country from the drop down list below. The discounted price will be reflected in your cart.
  • Click "Add To Cart" and wait until the page finishes reloading.
  • Click "View Cart" then proceed to "Checkout".
  • Select a payment option.

If you would like to purchase course accounts in bulk, send the name of the course(s), together with your estimated payment in an email to Dana Zavala at dana@qprinstitute.com for payment directions.

$670 (includes license to print materials for 3 years)

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