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Online Course - Counseling Suicidal People: A Therapy of Hope

Online Course - Counseling Suicidal People: A Therapy of Hope

Taught by: Paul Quinnett, Ph.D.

Text-based course in how to help people at risk of suicide survive a suicide crisis and go on to build a new and better life.

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    This work eloquently captures the essence of the most sophisticated interventions, that of the healing relationship of hope. - Dr. Ronald Bonner, Journal of Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior

    Very illuminating! Gave me a clear understanding of suicidal pain and what I can do to relieve it. - Steve Pitters, Family Advocate and Counselor, USAF

    Paul Quinnett has a hard-earned advantage over most of us in suicide prevention work..., he has spent years in therapeutic relationship with many more suicidal people than we may ever encounter. His willingness to not only work with them and to keep them alive but to learn the lessons they impart to him, is generously shared in this book to benefit us all. Short of having Dr. Quinnett standing next to me or any hotline volunteer as we try to help suicidal people find reasons to live, this book does the next thing. It gives us knowledge and insight we need but may never be able to learn firsthand. - Karen M. Marshall, Program Development Director, American Association of Suicidology

    Paul Quinnett has done it again. In his plain-spoken yet compassionate style, he communicates sound strategies for connecting with and helping suicidal individuals. Counseling Suicidal People deserves a place on the desk of every crisis worker and therapist who works with suicidal individuals. I will assign it to our psychology interns and psychiatry residents. - Thomas E. Ellis, Psy.D. ABPP, Professor of Psychology, West Virginia University School of Medicine


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